The 4th NHL All-Star Game took place at the Detroit Olympia (home of the Detroit Red Wings) on October 8, 1950.

The Red Wings (winner of the 1950 Stanley Cup Finals) played a team of All-Stars.

Game BackgroundEdit

Only 9,166 people attended the game, making it is the smallest attendance figure in All-Star Game history.

Ted Lindsay of the Red Wings scored the first hat trick in an All-Star Game, as the Red Wings won 7–1.

Game SummaryEdit

NHL All-Stars Detroit Red Wings
Final score 1 7
Scoring summary
  • Smith (Peirson), 18:27 3rd
  • Lindsay (Howe), 0:19 1st
  • Lindsay (Abel), 17:12 1st (PPG)
  • Howe (Lindsay, Kelly), 11:12 2nd
  • Peters (Kelly, Prystai), 18:36 2nd
  • Pavelich (Prystai, Peters), 19:44 2nd
  • Prystai (Pavelich), 7:36 3rd
  • Lindsay (unassisted), 14:28 3rd (SHG)
  • Richard, 7:57 1st
  • Lewsick, 9:09 1st
  • Bentley, 15:13 1st
  • Leswick, 16:54 1st
  • Abel, 9:15 1st
  • Pronovost, 11:45 1st
  • Couture, 4:30 2nd
  • Team (too many men; served by Peters), 5:03, 3rd
  • G. Stewart, 13:10, 3rd
Win/Loss L - Turk Broda W - Terry Sawchuk
  • Referee: George Gravel
  • Linesmen: George Young and Doug Young


NHL All-Stars Detroit Red Wings
Head coach Lynn Patrick (Boston Bruins) Tommy Ivan (Detroit Red Wings)
Lineup Starting lineup: Starting lineup:

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