This is a list of National Hockey League (NHL) players who have played at least one game in the NHL from 1917 to present and have a last name that starts with "A".

Aalto - AllenEdit

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams ↓ Notes
Antti Aalto Centre Finland Lappeenranta, Finland 1997-01 Ana
George Abbott Goaltender Synenham, Ontario 1943-44 Bos
Reg Abbott Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba 1952-53 Mtl
Clarence "Taffy" Abel Defence Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 1926-34 NYR, Chi
Gerry Abel Left Wing United States Detroit, Michigan 1966-67 Det]
Sid Abel Left Wing Melville, Saskatchewan 1938-54 Det, Chi Head coach of Chi, Det, Stl, Kan
Dennis Abgrall Right Wing Moosomin, Saskatchewan 1975-76 LA
Ramzi Abid Left Wing Montreal, Quebec 2002- Phx, Pit, Atl, Nas
Thommy Abrahamsson Defence Sweden Leksand, Sweden 1980-81 Har
Gene Achtymichuk Centre Lamont, Alberta 1951-59 Mtl, Det
Doug Acomb Left Wing Toronto, Ontario 1969-70 Tor
Keith Acton Centre Stouffville, Ontario 1979-94 Mtl, MNS, Edm, Phi, Was, NYI
Doug Adam Left Wing Toronto, Ontario 1949-50 NYR
Russ Adam Centre Windsor, Ontario 1982-83 Tor
Bryan Adams Left Wing Fort St. James, British Columbia 1999-01 Atl
Craig Adams Right Wing Seria, Brunei 2000- Car
Greg C. Adams Forward Duncan, British Columbia 1980-90 Phi, Har, Was, Edm, Van, Que, Det
Greg "Gus" Adams Left Wing Nelson, British Columbia 1984-01 NJ, Van, Dal, Pho, Fla
Jack Adams Centre Fort William, Ontario 1917-27 Tor, Ott(I) Also Head Coach of Det, played in PCHA, Hockey Hall of Fame inductee (1959)
Jack Adams Left Wing Calgary, Alberta 1940-41 Mtl
John Adams Goaltender Port Arthur, Ontario 1972-75 Wsh, Bos
Kevyn Adams Centre United States Washington, DC 1997- Tor, Clb, Flo, Car, Phx
Stewart Adams Left Wing Calgary, Alberta 1929-1933 Chi, Tor
Rick Adduono Centre Fort William, Ontario 1975-1980 Bos, AtlF
David Aebischer Goaltender Switzerland Fribourg, Switzerland 2000- Col, Mtl
Dmitry Afanasenkov Left Wing Russia Arkhangelsk, Russia 2000- TB, Phi
Bruce Affleck Defence Penticton, British Columbia 1974-1984 Stl, Van, NYI
Maxim Afinogenov Right Wing Russia Moscow, Russia 1999- Buf
Jim Agnew Defence Deloraine, Manitoba 1986-1993 Van, Har
Fred Ahern Right Wing United States South Boston, Massachusetts 1974-1978 Cal, Cle, ColR
Peter Ahola Defence Finland Espoo, Finland 1991-1994 Los, Pit, SJ, Cgy
Chris Ahrens Defence United States San Bernardino, California 1972-1978 MinN
John Aiken Goaltender United States Arlington, Massachusetts 1957-1958 Mtl
Lloyd Ailsby Defence Lac Pellitier, Saskatchewan 1951-1952 NYR
Brad Aitken Left Wing Scarborough, Ontario 1987-1991 Pit, Edm
Johnathan Aitken Defence Edmonton, Alberta 1999- Bos, Chi
Andy Aitkenhead Goaltender Glasgow, Scotland 1932-1935 NYR
Micah Aivazoff Centre Powell River, British Columbia 1993-1996 Det, Edm, NYI
Mika Alatalo Left Wing Finland Oulu, Finland 1999-2001 Phx
Tommy Albelin Defence Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 1987- Que, NJD, Cgy
Andrew Alberts Defence Eden Prairie, Minnesota 2005- Bos
Clint Albright Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba 1948-1949 NYR
Gary Aldcorn Left Wing Shaunavon, Saskatchewan 1956-1961 Tor, Det, Bos
Keith Aldridge Defence United States Detroit, Michigan 1999-2000 Dal
Claire Alexander Defence Collingwood, Ontario 1974-1978 Tor, Van
Art Alexandre Left Wing St. Jean, Quebec 1931-1933 Mtl
Nikita Alexeev Wing Russia Murmansk, Russia 2001-2003 TB
Daniel Alfredsson Right Wing Grums, Sweden 1995- Ott Won Calder Memorial Trophy (1996)
Jeff Allan Defence Toronto, Ontario 1977-1978 Cle
Bobby Allen Defence United States Hull, Massachusetts 2002-2003 Edm
Bryan Allen Defence Kingston, Ontario 2000- Van, Fla
Chris Allen Defence Chatham, Ontario 1997-1999 Fla
George Allen Left Wing Bayfield, New Brunswick 1938-1947 NYR, Chi, Mtl

Keith Allen


Peter Allen

Vivan "Squee" Allen

Alley - AppsEdit

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams ↓ Notes
Steve Alley Left Wing United States Anoka, Minnesota 1979-1981 Har
Dave Allison Defence Fort Frances, Ontario 1983-1984 Mtl
Jamie Allison Defence Lindsay, Ontario 1994- Cgy, Chi, Clb, Nsh, Fla
Jason Allison Centre North York, Ontario 1993- Wsh, Bos, Los, Tor Won Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy (1994)
Mike Allison Forward Fort Frances, Ontario 1980-1990 NYR, Tor, LA
Ray Allison Forward Cranbrook, British Columbia 1979-1987 Har, Phi
Bill Allum Defence Winnipeg, Manitoba 1939-1941 Chi, NYR
Ralph "Red" Almas Goaltender Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1946-1953 Det, Chi
Dave Amadio Defence Glace Bay, Nova Scotia 1957-1969 Det, LA
Peter Ambroziak Wing Kanata, Ontario 1994-1995 Buf
Mike Amodeo Defence Toronto, Ontario 1979-1980 Win
Tony Amonte Right Wing United States Hingham, Massachusetts 1990- NYR, Chi, Phx, Phi, Cgy
Bill "Red" Anderson Defence Tillsonburg, Ontario 1942-1943 Bos
Craig Anderson Goaltender United States Park Ridge, Illinois 2002- Chi, Fla
Dale Anderson Defence Regina, Saskatchewan 1956-1957 Det
Doug "Andy" Anderson Centre Edmonton, Alberta 1952-1953 Mtl
Earl Anderson Right Wing United States Roseau, Minnesota 1974-1977 Det, Bos
Glenn Anderson Forward Vancouver, British Columbia 1980-1996 Edm, Tor, NYR, Stl
Jim Anderson Left Wing Pembroke, Ontario 1967-1968 LA Also head coach of Was
John Anderson Left Wing Toronto, Ontario 1977-1989 Tor, Que, Har
Lorne Anderson Goaltender Renfrew, Ontario 1951-1952 NYR
Murray Anderson Defence The Pas, Manitoba 1974-1975 Was
Perry Anderson Left Wing Barrie, Ontario 1981-1992 Stl, NJ, SJ
Ron Anderson Right Wing Red Deer, Alberta 1967-1972 Det, LA, Stl, Buf
Ron Anderson Forward Moncton, New Brunswick 1974-1975 Was
Russ Anderson Defence United States Des Moines, Iowa 1976-1985 Pit, Har, LA
Shawn Anderson Defence Montreal, Quebec 1986-1995 Buf, Que, Was, Phi
Tommy Anderson Defence Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland 1934-1942 Det, NYA
Erik Andersson Left Wing Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 1997-1998 Cgy
Jonas Andersson Left Wing Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 2001-2002 Nas
Kent-Erik Andersson Right Wing Sweden Orebro, Sweden 1977-1984 MNS, NYR
Mikael Andersson Right Wing Sweden Malmö, Sweden 1985-2000 Buf, Har, TB, Phi, NYI
Niklas Andersson Left Wing Sweden Kungalv, Sweden 1992-2001 Que, NYI, SJ, Nas
Peter Andersson Defence Sweden Federtalve, Sweden 1983-1986 Wsh, Que
Peter Andersson Defence Sweden Orebro, Sweden 1992-1994 NYR, Fla
Steve Andrascik Right Wing Sherridon, Manitoba 1971-72 NYR
Paul Andrea Right Wing North Sydney, Nova Scotia 1965-71 NYR, Pit, Cal], Buf
Lloyd Andrews Left Wing Tillsonburg, Ontario 1921-25 Tor
Dave Andreychuk Left Wing Hamilton, Ontario 1982-06 Buf, Tor, NJ, Bos, Col, TB
Alexander Andrijevski Right Wing Belarus Minsk, Belarus 1992-193 Chi
Ron Andruff Centre Chemainus, British Columbia 1974-79 Mtl, ColR
Greg Andrusak Defence Cranbrook, British Columbia 1993-00 Pit, Tor
Mel Angelstad Left Wing Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 2003-04 Wsh
Lou Angotti Right Wing Toronto, Ontario 1964-74 NYR, Chi, Phi, Pit, Stl Coach for Stl, Pit
Darrell Anholt Defence Hardisty, Alberta 1983-84 Chi
Hub Anslow Left Wing Pembroke, Ontario 1947-48 NYR
Mike Antonovich Centre United States Calumet, Minnesota 1975-84 MNS, Har, NJ
Shawn Antoski Left Wing Brantford, Ontario 1990-98 Van, Phi, Pit, Ana
Nikolai Antropov Centre Kazakhstan Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan 1999- Tor
Syl Apps Centre Paris, Ontario 1936-48 Tor Won Calder Memorial Trophy (1937), Won Lady Byng Memorial Trophy (1942)
Syl Apps, Jr. Centre Toronto, Ontario 1970-80 NYR, Pit, LA

Arbour - AyresEdit

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams ↓ Notes
Al Arbour Defence Sudbury, Ontario 1953-71 Det, Chi, Tor, Stl Coached for Stl, NYI, Won Jack Adams Award (1979)
Amos Arbour Left Wing Waubaushene, Ontario 1918-24 Mtl, Ham , Tor
Ernest "Ty" Arbour Left Wing Waubaushene, Ontario 1929-31 PitP, Chi
Jack Arbour Defence Waubaushene, Ontario 1926-29 Det, Tor
John Arbour Defence Niagara Falls, Ontario 1965-72 Bos, Pit, Van, Stl
Michel Archambault Left Wing St. Hyacinthe, Quebec 1976-77 Chi
Dave Archibald Right Wing Chilliwack, British Columbia 1987-97 MNS, Ott, NYI
Jim Archibald Right Wing Craik, Saskatchewan 1984-87 MNS
Ron Areshenkoff Centre Grand Forks, British Columbia 1979-80 Edm
Denis Arkhipov Centre Russia Kazan, Russia 2000- Nsh, Chi
Bill Armstrong Left Wing London, Ontario 1990-91 Phi
Bob Armstrong Defence Toronto, Ontario 1950-62 Bos
Chris Armstrong Defence Regina, Saskatchewan 2000-04 Min, Ana
Colby Armstrong Right Wing Lloydminster, Saskatchewan 2005- Pit
Derek Armstrong Centre Ottawa, Ontario 1993- NYI, NYR, LA
George Armstrong Centre Skead, Ontario 1949-71 Tor Coached for Tor
Murray Armstrong Centre Manor, Saskatchewan 1937-46 Tor, NYA, Det
Norm "Red" Armstrong Right Wing Owen Sound, Ontario 1962-63 Tor
Tim Armstrong Forward Toronto, Ontario 1988-89 Tor
Chuck Arnason Right Wing Ashern, Manitoba 1971-79 Mtl, AtlF, Pit, KC, ColR, Cle, MNS, Wsh
Tyler Arnason Centre United States Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2001- Chi, Ott, Col
Scott Arniel Left Wing Kingston, Ontario 1981-92 Wpg, Buf, Bos
Jason Arnott Centre Collingwood, Ontario 1993- Edm, NJ, Dal, Nsh
Fred Arthur Defence Toronto, Ontario 1980-83 Har, Phi
Johnny Arundel Defence Winnipeg, Manitoba 1949-50 Tor
Magnus Arvedson Left Wing Sweden Karlstad, Sweden 1997-2004 Ott, Van
Arron Asham Right Wing Portage la Prairie, Manitoba 1998- Mtl, NYI
Barry Ashbee Defense Weston, Ontario 1965-66, 70-74 Bos, Phi
Don Ashby Centre Kamloops, British Columbia 1975-81 Tor, ColR, Edm
Brent Ashton Forward Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1979-93 Van, ColR, NJ, Min, Que, Det, Wpg, Bos, Cgy
Frank Ashworth Centre Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 1947-47 Chi
Tom Askey Goaltender United States Tonawanda, New York 1997-99 Ana
Oscar "Ossie" Asmundson Right Wing Red Deer, Alberta 1932-35, 36-38 NYR, Det, StlE, NYA, MtlM
Kaspars Astashenko Defense Latvia Riga, Latvia 1999-01 TB
Mark Astley Defense Calgary, Alberta 1993-96 Buf
Hardy Astrom Goaltender Sweden Skelleftea, Sweden 1977-81 NYR, ColR
Walt Atanas Right Wing Hamilton, Ontario 1944-45 NYR
Blair Atcheynum Right Wing Estevan, Saskatchewan 1992-93, 1997-01 Ott, Stl, Nas, Chi
Steve Atkinson Right Wing Toronto, Ontario 1968-69, 70-75 Bos, Buf, Was Also played in World Hockey Association
Bob Attwell Right Wing United States Spokane, Washington 1979-81 ColR
Ron Attwell Right Wing Humber Summit, Ontario 1967-68 NYR, Stl
Jean-Sebastien Aubin Goaltender Montreal, Quebec 1999- Pit, Tor
Normand Aubin Forward St. Leonard, Quebec 1981-83 Tor
Serge Aubin Centre Val d'Or, Quebec 1999-06 Col, Clb, Atl
Pierre Aubry Forward Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec 1980-85 Que, Det
Oscar Aubuchon Left Wing St. Hyacinthe, Quebec 1942-44 Bos, NYR
Adrian Aucoin Defense Ottawa, Ontario 1994- Van, TB, NYI, Chi
Keith Aucoin Centre United States Chelmsford, Massachusetts 2005- Car
Philippe Audet Left Wing Ottawa, Ontario 1998-99 Det
Donald Audette Right Wing Laval, Quebec 1989-04 Buf, LA, Atl, Dal, Mtl, Fla
Les Auge Defense United States St. Paul, Minnesota 1980-81 ColR
Patrik Augusta Left Wing Czech Republic Jihlava, Czechoslovakia 1993-94, 98-99 Tor, Was
Alex Auld Goaltender Cold Lake, Alberta 2001- Van, Flo
Jared Aulin Centre Calgary, Alberta 2002-03 LA
Larry Aurie Right Wing Sudbury, Ontario 1928-39 Det
Sean Avery Centre North York, Ontario 2001- Det, LA, NYR
Don Awrey Defense Kitchener, Ontario 1963-79 Bos, Stl, Mtl, Pit, NYR, ColR
Per Johan Axelsson Left Wing Sweden Kungalv, Sweden 1997- Bos
Vernon Ayres Defense Toronto, Ontario 1930-36 NYA, MtlM, Stl, NYR,